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Best of Eldafyre 2016-2019

Venues <<

These songs are available 4 venues :)

for more songs and videos regarding live performance please follow the arrow 




Mockingbird cafe/restaurant @ kingsciff

Invitation only festival 15 minutes from byron bay

Harvest Moon restaurant @ burleigh heads

The Bank Cafe & Espresso @ lismore

Swamplands @ thornbury

Lentil as Anything @ thornbury

 Blue bean Love restaurant  


 Swamplands >>



<< harvest moon





Eldafyre grew up in Shepparton, Victoria. His early 20’s were spent in the city of Melbourne. Now 39 he resides within the northern rivers of NSW or hidden in the mountains around Hepburn.‘RAW', his first official album was created to be original. A dark jazz album was something he believes is absent from the music world at this moment. With influences to the likes of Patti smith, Rodriguez and Melanie Safka. Written with intention, dedicated to love and the journey of his spoken word. This is paramount to the brand. He likes to think of himself as a storyteller. ‘Raw’ album one.. is a deep and dark jazz smokey noir story, embedded in the heart of Melbourne’s nightlife. A personal story about an open relationship. 'Where connection bonds' is the feature track. In 2017 ‘Islands in mind’ album two.. we can see Eldafyre releases will be so completely different from the next with an opposite ‘Island Vibe’ feel. Stories taking shape around the Byron coast beach life married with long sunny days. Dedicated to the oasis and the dream we are all trying to achieve. Relaxation and peace. Collaborated with some of the best session musicians available in Australia. 'Check out 'Into the earth they go' and 'before and far'.. 2018 gave birth to a new beast, 'death of the surrenders'. Punk Funk Rock. This is Australian and Melbourne music at its finest. The album was crafted to a garage rock jam vibe. Don't miss 'Slip stream, Naturally provided and Satisfied'... Eldafyre is a stylist, a poet. To entice those seeking 'originality' as they fall into the captivated sounds of a word smith, peace and big love.

Eldafyre is currently half way in writing his first novel ‘Storybook of Franklinford’ found at https://storybookfranklinford.com. A book of 9 short stories taking place within an alternate and somewhat parallel future on earth.

This last project Eldafyre has also worked on his entire life. A photography exhibition taken from personal experiences. Artistic captures from real life presented in such a fashion that may distort or question your ideas in what you may be looking at. You can find some of his best work featured in 'spread', a hard back M'zine. Eldafyre wants you to see and hear and read things original and different. Be mesmerised and captivated. Who knows what the future has in store next whether it be music, writing or visual art. The world is the limit.

'Filling the void' is one of Kotrel's newest creations. Wrote in the northern rivers NSW. It is a part of 9 songs from the new album, an all new acoustic. All kotrel's authentic material is planned to showcase across the region and around Australia but there are no plans lately due to no management or time to promote. Material and content is of paramount objective. Performances of all his other material in videos shown above and throughout this website are available for venues anytime please feel free to contact me regarding. Kotrel is open to the idea of A wicked plan any awesome partner has in mind. Send me a message I’m an open book. Talk soon. Management/venues/band ... stay cool :) E

The mixlist

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For hours of ELDAFYRE'S

favorite music

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with so much love

just for you..



enjoy :) 



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